• Chupa Chups Velvet Liptint

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    VARIETY COLOUR VARIETY CHOICE: 1 Set x 3 Colors. CORAL CHIFFON with increased temperature makes your lips look like sweet french bon-bons. Elegant and classic WANNA BE ROSE matches your daily work prefectly. MIDNIGHT BURGUNDY make-up inspired by New York cool girls!
    LONG LASTING & WATERPROOF: Lasts for hours, you can drink and eat with little removal
    SOTF TOUCH: With chocolate flavor, light and smooth, feels like have a chiffon cake. You're off to a marvelous start with CHUPA CHUPA Matte Lip Gloss.
    CRUELTY FREE - Our products are never tested on animals.

    Warna :
    1. Coral chiffon
    2. Wannabe rose
    3. Midnight Burgundy