• Bistos Hi Bebe Plus BT-100 Electric Breast Pump / Pompa Asi Elektrik

    IDR 1,788,000.00
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    Specification & Function:

    Weight : 270g
    Inhalation Pressure : Max 270mmHg (+/- 20%) *when using the back flow protector
    Type : Electronic Double Breast Pump
    Component : Mainbody, air hose x2, funnel set x2, back flow protector x2, power adaptor, milk bottle 2 sets
    Warranty : 2 tahun service. 1 tahun unit. 6 bulan adaptor dan Battery.
    Made in South Korea

    - Compact size & super lightweight
    - Ultra quiet operation
    - Rechargeable breast pump with built-in battery
    - Time check function & 30 mins auto power off safety feature
    - Memory function
    - Massage function
    - BPA free material
    - Safe and hygienic back flow protector