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    N-Disney Minnie 4 Books Box Set

    Join Minnie and her friends in their new adventures! You’ll have lots of fun with Minnie on each of these adventures. Accompany Minnie to her boutique, on vacation, and to a fantastic picnic, and discover the mysteries of the rainbow! You’ll learn all her secrets!

    The title of this books :
    - Disney Minnie - Minnie's Bow-tique
    - Disney Minnie - A Picnic Day
    - Disney Minnie - Minnie and the Rainbow
    - Disney Minnie - Minnie's Summer Vacation

    ISBN : 9781772381962
    Language : English
    Publisher : The Novelty Book Company Inc. (Quebec, Canada)
    Pages : 4 board book
    Dimension : 29.5x29.5cm
    Weight : 750 grams