• Dr.Mama Anti Bacteria Pack | Breast Milk Bag 30pcs

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    Dr.Mama Anti Bacteria Pack | Breast Milk Bag 30pcs

    Dr Mama Breast Milk Bag digunakan untuk menyimpan ASI dan dimasukkan ke dalam freezer, berbeda dengan beberapa merk kantung asi lainnya, Dr Mama Breast Milk Pack ini sangat kuat dan tidak mudah jebol. 
    Dengan bahan plastik yang aman dan komponennya tidak terurai ke dalam ASI, menjaga kualitas ASI tetap prima selama dalam penyimpanan, bahkan saat mencairkan ASI. 

    Product Features:

    * Easy and Hygienic Disposable Pack
    * Storage up to 230ml
    * Pre-Sterilized and FDA Approved Material Used
    * Leak Proof with Double Layers Zipper
    * Durable and Self Standing for Easy Storage
    * Made of BPA Free and Non Toxic Material
    * Convenient Design with Safe Corner
    * Created and manufactured with cute design appearance.
    * Zip lock technology was applied to complete Perfect Air-Tight Sealing.
    * Every pack is pre-sterilized to maintain the freshness of contents and prevent any bacterial contaminated.
    * Spout Pouring Design to make it Easy and Convenient for Mothers to pour out their Breast Milk.

    The breast milk pack can store up to 230ml of milk, with 30 pieces per pack. It also has a self standing feature plus a handy spout design for ease of pouring and storage.

    When using the packs, use lukewarm water to thaw frozen breast milk, never microwave or place in boiling water to defrost. To ensure the milk stays fresh, do not refreeze breast milk once has been thawed, but rather, discard leftover milk.

    It is thus best to store milk in reasonable, one-time-use amounts to prevent wastage, also keeping in mind that breast milk can expand during refrigeration.

    Quantity : 30 pcs
    Size : 110 mm x 170 mm
    Storage Capacity : 230 ml
    Max. Heat : 100
    Max Frozen Temp : -20
    Recommended Temp For Thawing : 37

    Made in Korea