• Dr.Mama Anti Bacteria Pack | Baby Food Bag 30pcs

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    Dr.Mama Anti Bacteria Pack | Baby Food Bag 30pcs

    Dr Mama Baby Food Bag berguna untuk menyimpan makanan bayi, mulai dari makanan padat, bubur, puree. 
    Aman apabila dibekukan, dengan bahan plastik food grade yang aman untuk si kecil, dan tidak terurai ke dalam makanan. BPA Free 
    Cocok untuk dibawa saat sedang travelling sehingga memudahkan Mama. 

    Product Features:

    * Easy and Hygienic Disposable Pack
    * Pre-Sterilized and FDA Approved Material Used
    * Leak Proof with Wide Safe Double Layers Zipper
    * Durable and Self Standing
    * Made of BPA Free and Non Toxic Material
    * Convenient Design for Parents as well for Toddlers (Safe Corner) (Wide Enough & Depth when Spoon is use.)
    * Convenient Storage and Usage because of Self Standing Design.
    * Created and manufactured with cute design appearance.
    * Wide Double Zipper technology was applied to complete Perfect Air-Tight Sealing.
    * Every pack is pre-sterilized to maintain the freshness of contents and prevent any bacterial contaminated.
    * Easy and Convenient Design for everyone even for your Toddlers.
    * Wide and Handy Design was applied when you use the spoon to feed your baby or easily used by Toddlers to pick up their favorites Finger Foods or Candies.

    Quantity : 30 pcs
    Size : 145 mm x 115 mm
    Storage Capacity : 200 ml
    Max. Heat : 100
    Max Frozen Temp : -20
    Recommended Temp For Thawing : 37

    Made in Korea