• Tortle Air Supportive Beanie

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    The Tortle Air revolutionizes prevention of Flat Head Syndrome (flat spots on babys head and tight neck muscles). The Tortle Air boasts a midline front opening to allow for an additional 4cm of adjustment, that allows you to easily place the Tortle Air on babys head with little to no slippage when necessary.

    The Tortle Air provides your child with the most advanced positioning aid for prevention of flat head syndrome.

    Single layer construction is highly breathable and achieves improved fit. Adjustable elastic tabs and midline front opening make it easy to get the right fit and reduce slippage.
    The Tortle Air helps to prevent flat head syndrome. It does this by gently deflecting your babys head while baby is sitting or laying, to gently move babys head from side to side. Its a natural way to encourage healthy head and neck motion.
    95% cotton/5% spandex. Machine washable.
    Newborns can wear a Tortle Air for the first six months of life as a positioning aid to help prevent Flat Head Syndrome.

    Availabe Size:

    S = 0 - 2 Months
    M = 2 - 4 Months
    L = 4 - 6 Months