• Snotty Electric Nasal Aspirator

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    • Battery powered
    • Constant, steady suction - that is the key to its success.
    • Quieter motor design. A couple of seconds in each nostril and it's done!
    • Ergonomically designed to be used 1 handed, while your child is sitting up or lying down
    • It is the best way to remove snot from baby's nose, quickly, easily, and gently IN SECONDS, allowing children to breathe, feed, sleep and feel better.
    • Extracted mucus is easily contained in the new, larger collection cup.
    • Clears high into the nasal passages, and reduces the risk of secondary ear, throat and respiratory infections.
    • Use multiple times each day, as required.
    • No more sore, red noses from constant tissue use.
    • Australian owned and listed on the Australian Register of Theraputic Goods - TGA (ARTG No 211027)
    • Fully waterproof for your convenience, simply rinse your SNOTTY under hot water to clean the nozzle and collection cup and to flush the motor compartment.
    • Totally portable, just tuck it into your bag and take it with you wherever you go.
    • Watch the videos and read the testimonials on this page.  It is easy and effective.