• Skin Talk White Touch 100ml

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    Convenient and fastest way for whitening (100ml Whitening CC)

    Convenient, healthy and long lasting whitening cream 'SKINTALKL WHITE TOUCH PLUS CREAM'.
    You can have white skin only with applying for 30sec, the effect is immediate and there is no darkening
    for 12h whole days, Moreover, easy to wash out, but not easy to be strained. Not only instant whitening,
    WHITE TOUCH PLUS even care inner whitening with Adenosine and Niacinamide, which care your skin tone and wrinkle

    Most of all, WHITE TOUCH PLUS makes your skin healthy. With SPF 35, protect skin from sun,
    Hyaluronic acid and shea butter keep the moisture on the skin. Besides, vitamin A/B/E, collagen and betine
    provide your skin nutrition, make skin elastic. For safety of your skin, we don't use Paraben and artificial pigment.

    The volume of other whitening cosmetic products or CC creams are too small for daily use,
    'WHITE TOUCH PLUS' with 100ml large volume, is enough for face & body every day.
    As to container, with UV blocking premium material, keep contents not to be changed.

    3 Multi Function : Whitening + alleviating wrinkles + Sun block
    Skin Care : Moisturizing by shea butter, hyaluronic acid and macadamia oil, Elasticity from collagen and betaine
    Vitamin : Providing skin vitamin A, B, E
    100ml Container : 100ml large volume, Safe container to protect contents
    Strong Water Proof, but Easy cleansing