• Skin Talk Witch Cream 100ml

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    It’s intensive moisturizing steam cream contains Eco-certi Argan oil with multi functions (Anti-wrinkle, Whitening)

    -Optimal ratio of oil and moisture for the skin adjusted by steam methode
    ( Oil base : Water base = 3 : 7 )

    -3 steps of moisturizing
    Step 1. : Hyaluronic acid and Glycerin provide moisture sufficiently as they are absorbed quickly into the skin.
    Step 2. : Adenosine and Marine collagen hold skin tight and makes it elastic.
    Step 3. : Argan oil and Gamma tocopherol create skin protect layer,
    block external harmful substances and hold moisture in the skin.
    - Big volume (100ml) with reasonable price

    Oil base : Argan oil, Shea butter, Jojoba oil, Rosemary oil, Lavender oil
    Water base : Hyaluronic acid, Glycerin, Placenta, Aloe vera, Marin collagen
    No Paraben, No artificial Coloring, No artificial Flavoring
    Volume : 100ml